Baseus Sammenklappelig Laptop Stand til MacBook Air Pro Justerbar Aluminium Bærbar Riser Bærbare Notebook Stand Ultra Tynd Bog, Stå
kr78.39 kr54.89
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  • Mærke: BASEUS
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • farve: Mørk grå
  • Vægt: 80g
  • Meterial: Sharklet stof + glasfiber
  • Navn: Baseus Ultra Tynde Bærbare Computer Stå
  • Anvendelse: Bærbar computer

Tags: for macbook stå, pcie riser, leshp holder til bærbare computere, macbook air, macbook, spil bærbar, notesblok, anker soundcor, yugreen, indehaveren bærbar.

Grani Kirilloff
Laptop MacBook Pro 2012 on this product does not hold. The stand does not stand such a laptop. Only suitable for light laptops
Cool 2111
Gift with purchase light 늠 data than think SE and harness yo.
Genglis 10
Perfect! Easy to use! Now it’s more comfortable for me use my mac.
Mcalk 68
Baseus is absolutely an amazing brand! The package is beautiful, with special paper to touch, and the product is awesome. Every little detail is well done. Congratulations, such an experience! It came very fast and no fees. I already bought others products of Baseus and I will definitely buy much more products.
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