Suntour XCR MTB Cykel Forgaffel 26-27.5-29 Tommer Dæmpning Stang Kabel-Skulder Kontrol Låsning Rod Oil Gas Cykel Gaffel
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Original SUNTOUR Dæmpning Låsning Forgaffel

Model : XCR FUN006 / Fun015

Specifikation: 26 tommer / 27.5 cm / 29 tommer

Låsning :Kabel Kontrol / Skulder Kontrol

Pakke: 1stk

Vægt: ca 310g

  • Stem Størrelse: Andre
  • Passer Til: Skive Bremse
  • Hjul størrelse: Andre
  • Model-Nummer: XCR
  • Klinge Længde: Andre
  • Type: Olie og Gas Gaffel (Luft Modstandsdygtighed/Olie Dæmpning)
  • Bruger: Mountain Bikes
  • Suspension: Ja
  • Materiale: LEGERING

Tags: Fork Dessert, 29 gaffel, bicycl, SR SUNTOUR, mtb cykel gaffel 29, suntour xcm, ren æterisk olie, mtb cykel, cykel fox gaffel, lås olie.

Nagiko 2008
Everything is perfect. The bottom part can be unscrewed and put another longer or shorter one that makes it valid for 29 "And 26."
It served Me for 26 inches. I had to change the black part I had my bike for, but perfect.
Lacollins 64
The damper is fully operational. Fully corresponds to the description. Packed well, reliably. Hit the speed of delivery in Ukrainian-15 days. Thank you very much to the seller. Shop recommend.
Good night, arrived in a buffer package very well protected. As the functional yet have no say. It is raining everyday and am not coming home with her. Pretendos so can take a bicicletaria to make the replacement and after I return stating if everything is in order the operation. Thank you
Joeblack Chileno
I have to say that it is missing to specify the diameter of the thread, the thread came a little wrong, in my case I needed 27' 5 and they sent me 29' 5, the seller gave me the return without problem none and fast
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