Vandtæt Eyelash Mascara Black Curling Forlængelse Lange Tykke Vipper Styrke Udvidelse Eye Make Makeup-Mascara
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Størrelse: Fuld Størrelse

Antal: 1 stk

  • Type: Mascara
  • Certifikat Nr.: GAD547897
  • Vandtæt / Vandafvisende: Ja
  • Fordel: CURLING
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mængde: 1
  • Model-Nummer: X2009
  • Ingrediens: Mascara
  • Størrelse: Full Size
  • NETTO VÆGT: 5g
  • Land/Område for Fremstilling: Kina

Tags: makeup, bag monkey, otwoo, magiske vandfast mascara, stor mascara tryllestave, eyelin, lego, mascara vandtæt, sort mascara 4d, makeup o to.

Td Uralsk
Really waterproof mascara. It's sealed. Has a pleasant delicious aroma. The brush is thin, comfortable. Carcases on it are exactly as much as needed for accurate use. Cilia became longer and more lush. On the last photo collage for comparison. Accidentally I fell asleep with her, the eyelashes were whole in the morning, there were small carcases on the eyelids. It is removed easily, with simple water, does not leave a divorce. Delivery to Ukraine month. Took at a discount of 7 $.
G Woodsjr
Thats just cool!! Took a coupon selling this mascara for only 1 $ Mascara is just a bomb! Incredibly beautiful packaging. And the effect! Eyelashes lengthen simply to incredible!! But there is a drawback-the cilia are glued, so immediately after applying on wet I walk on eyelashes with a normal dry cheek for eyelashes. In the photo one eye is painted, in the second No. And yes, I just came to Kiev, less than a month! In short-the purchase is happy as an elephant and I recommend it to everyone!
Akshaybha Bhadoriya89
Colors well, although the brush is small, but comfortable
S Newline
My Instagram is Insta. ledymystery In carcases the main components are glycerin, beeswax and palm tree wax. This is the perfect composition, so that the carcasses do not crumble, do not smear, and tightly wrapped each eyelash. How to Wash?➡* Wet your fingers with cilia and after 10 seconds. Pulled the tubes from the eyelashes. 2. comfortable brush. At first sight, I did not like it, but after application I was pleased. Each eyelash is painted and practically does not merge. 3. mascara also lengthens the eyelashes. You want to look spectacular, but at the same time spend a minimum of your free time ????? Then I strongly recommend you try this mascara.
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