Trådløs Bluetooth-Gamepad Til Nintend Skifte Pro NS-Skifte Pro Spil Joystick Controller til at Skifte Til den Konsol med 6-Akset Håndtag
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Trådløs-Bluetooth-Gamepad Til Nintend Skifte Pro NS-Skifte Pro Spil joystick Controller til at Skifte Til den Konsol med 6-Akset Håndtag

Produkt beskrivelse

  • Mærke: MOCUTE
  • Type: Gamepads
  • Forbindelse: Bluetooth
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Kompatibel Mærke/Model: Nintendo
  • Gældende platform4: Android
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Gældende platform3: PC
  • Gældende platform1: NINTENDO SKIFTE
  • Gældende platform2: Nintendo Skifte Lite
  • Nintendo Model: NINTENDO SKIFTE
  • Materiale: ABS

Tags: control game, side switch pro, kampene spil controller, gamepad skifte, gulikit skifte, nintendo skifte controlers, nintendo skifte controller wireless, Kontrol, controller pro mod, joysticket telefon.

Good joy for his money. Merits: + Works with N-switch + No problem connects + Excellent gyro (very accurate positioning, like in the origin. J-konach) + Looks stylish and Geyser + For some reason two additional buttons from below (quite convenient, but not functional with Switch) Disadvantages: -LEDs are far from the "holes", the light from one diode at the tilt enters the hole of the other. If you look into diodes it will become unpleasant to the eyes (as if you look at a bulb or something) [Not Critical] -Vibration is not 3D. We do not pass the sensations of the game. In principle, not critical, but still not quite that... [not critical] -Not standard inclusion, you need to read the instruction [not critical] -Reverse response from the buttons is very weak, like cheap doystikov (well, as if, so it is) there are no pleasant "clicks" (for my taste) [not critical] I got what I wanted, because I needed a gyro. I'm happy with the purchase. For your money-top.
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