Houndstooth Mønster Crossbody Taske til Kvinder 2020 Nye Mode med Stor Kapacitet One-shoulder-Messenger Taske Insfamous Alle-match Totes
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  • Stil: Casual
  • Lining Materiale: Polyester
  • Udvendig: INGEN
  • Lejlighed: Alsidig
  • Vigtigste Materiale: Split Læder
  • Indretning: Interiør Lynlås Lomme
  • Køn: KVINDER
  • Dekoration: Pynt
  • Typer af tasker: Tasker & Crossbody tasker
  • Form: Casual Tote
  • Hårdhed: HÅRDT
  • Lukning Type: Haspe
  • Håndtasker Type: Totes
  • Antal Håndtag/Remme: To
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mønster Type: Patchwork

Tags: taske læder tote, nederdel kvinde, stort skulder tote, fold håndtaske, 2020 taske kvinder, leagu af legend, houndstooth udskriv, gran tote bag, bag bog tote, taske.

Mami Carsi
Delivery took weeks 2. the goods arrived well packed in several packages and inside was an inflatable package. Nothing's broken. Although there was nothing to crumble about... .. In the photo it seemed to me that the bag has a hard frame and does not bend. In fact, this is a bag made of cardboard covered with cloth. The fabric itself is pleasant. A little with pile. Interesting details. Accessories of gold color. The strap is long in addition. It closes on one rivet. Inside is a large pocket with a zipper. Lining. I ordered a large size. I need what I need. The bag is light. Gust and crumble easily. This is probably the only minus. If you put a lot of things on the bottom, it will run away. It will have to work out the bag a little and make a more rigid bottom. Bylinepleasant smell when unpacking. But for the day I weathered. The order is almost satisfied.
Muha 94 Boks
Terrible quality of the goods. a cheap leather substitute is attached around the perimeter. I will not order a bag here anymore. upset.
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