20 Tænder 5M Synkron Remskive notgang Bar 8/10/12/12.714/15/16/17/18mm Bredde 10/15/20mm HTD5M Timing Bælte 20Teeth BF Type
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5M20 tænder BF indre hul 8/10/12/12.7/14/15/16/17/18mm plus notgang 3/4/5/6mm

  • Antal Tænder: 20
  • Antal tænder: 20 Tænder
  • Model-Nummer: HTD5M
  • Samlet højde: 23/28/33mm
  • Skruehul: 2*M4
  • Notgang bredde: 3/4/5/6mm
  • Indre Huldiameter: 8/10/12/12.7/14/15/16/17/18
  • Materiale: Aluminium Legering
  • Bælte Bredde: 10/15/20mm
  • Type: Timing
  • Tænder Tanddeling: 5mm

Tags: trisse 5m 100, roldana rapel, tage hul notgang, kia timing skive, skive, micro skive, koblingen aksel, skive, htd5m roller, døren remskive kit.

Quality at altitude, there are spare screws. Thank you.
Alves Brunosantos
Small pulleys and belts came in one box. Looks like norms. No Lufts. I would like to be more dense. But, one pulley sits on different motors in different ways. Probably, the claims, rather, to the motors than to the pulleys. Reducer will be 1:3, belts and pulleys 20mm. Installation screws included. True, where there is not enough thread.
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