ORICO DS Serie 2 Bay-Magnetisk-type 3,5 Tommer USB3.0 Harddisk Kabinet 20TB Max Støtte UASP 12V4A Magt 5Gbps HDD Kabinet
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  • Model-Nummer: DS200U3
  • Indikator: Blå LED-indikator
  • Støtte Harddisk Kapacitet: 20TB (Ikke herunder harddisk)
  • Strømforsyning: 12V4A AU/EU/UK/US Stik
  • Hastighed: USB3.0 5 gbps
  • Internt Interface: SATA
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Mærke: orico
  • Port: USB3.0
  • Sag Materiale: Plast
  • Ekstern Brugerflade: USB
  • Understøttet Kapacitet: 20TB,10TB Enkelt Disk(Ikke herunder harddisk)
  • Størrelse: 140*90*185mm
  • Understøttet System: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Stik Type: EU Stik
  • Certifikat: CE/FCC/3C/ROHS
  • farve: black
  • Item: ORICO Dual Bay Magnetisk-type 3,5-tommers Harddisk Kabinet

Tags: hdd docking station usb-c, 5.25 skuffe, sata usb, harddisk rack, oneplus reparation, 5 bay, 4 bay hdd, orico ssd, 2 tb, 3.5 ekstern harddisk kabinet.

Good box, checked-everything works. The fan is really a little noisy. In addition to noise, a barely noticeable squeak is heard. But these are trivia. By delivery-thanks to the seller for free shipping via DHL (although the delivery was indicated by EMS when ordering). Due to this, the parcel reached quickly enough (2 weeks). But the parcel was sent as express cargo, because of this, it had to declare and melt and pay the agent DHL for it + for shipping from airport home. (You could certainly do everything yourself). But it is more claim to our country and our legislation :) In general, I recommend, for such a price we do not buy analogs of this quality.
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